To design a social media app that integrates the camera function. 

✿ Logo & Moodboard

✿ Personas
✿ High-Fidelity Wireframes
✿ Final Prototype

Creatives have a tough time having consistent practice and trouble building positive connections.

Dexi is a social media app for creatives and its primary function is to deliver prompts and help with inspiration. When the user opens their phone, they first see the daily prompt (which can be customized from daily, weekly, or monthly prompts). Then they have the option to interact with the prompt by posting what they have created or viewing what others have created as well. On the user's personal profile, they can visualize the previous prompts they have participated in, curate their favorite prompts in a collection to showcase on their profile and see the badges they earned based on their post's performance. 
video walkthrough
This video showcases how might a user navigate or interact with certain features.
*If you would like to explore the pages at your own pace here's the link to my final prototype.

✿ When the user opens the app, it starts at the home page where they can immediately see the prompt and have the option to post their work or view others' work under the same prompt. 
✿ In the explore tab, they can view past prompts and view posts from their following list. 
✿ On the profile page, the user can view their past prompts as well as a gallery of their posts.
Branding & Mood board
The initial mood board and logo for Dexi. The form of the logo is inspired by the wings of a monarch butterfly or a slice of citrus fruit. While the use of the orange and green colors promotes creativity and productivity. 
user flow & sitemap brainstorm
✿ Daily prompts and a way to view past prompt history.
✿ Messaging system and an individualized profile page.
✿ Way to post a submission to a community hub.

High-fidelity wireframes
In this stage, creating wireframes helped me to experiment with the content layout, navigation bar, text hierarchy, and general visual flow. 
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