The AIGA DC hosted a CreateAthon in Spring 2021, which was a team 24-hr design challenge that gave us the opportunity to create deliverables for a non-profit. Our client was TechTurnUp and the main deliverable they requested is to create a prototype of a landing page to provide a comprehensive overview of the organization. Our target audiences were community members that are interested to enroll in the programs that TechTurnUp offers as well as patrons that are interested in supporting the non-profit's mission. 

Dan Sonnett, Alexandria Scafarschi, Jasmine Crisostomo, Jamin Hoyle,
Kristin Zhai, & Fatima Naeem   
In the initial stage, we brainstormed different color concepts and mood boards for the organization and chose a direction to strengthen the existing brand identity. With a strong brand direction, we split into smaller teams, one to refine the brand identity by integrating it into a slide deck and another team to provide a webpage design. In the web design team, the three of us came up with individual iterations of the landing page and presented our iterations to each other. With Figma, we combined elements we communicated were essential to the landing page and filtered all our ideas into one final design. 
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