To develop an app with user experience research processes. 

Maintaining connections is a challenge for long distance relationships because people want to connect with each other through different aspects of their daily lives.

✿ Interview & Survey Results

✿ Competitive Analysis
✿ App Branding
✿ Affinity Map, Empathy Map, Site Map, & MVP
✿ Storyboard Brainstorm, Task Analysis, User Flow Chart & Sketch
✿ Personas, 5 User Goals & Scenarios
✿ High-Fidelity Wireframes
✿ Final Prototype

Melodi is a social media app for users to virtually listen to music together synchronously. Users can create or join "stages" which is a virtual space where people can join a queue to play a song of their choice. Ideally, the app can connect to other music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, or YouTube so users can queue from a playlist and not have to go through the hassle of looking up songs they would like to queue to not interrupt the listening experience. There is also the social media aspect of the app where users can showcase their favorite songs, stages, artists, and playlists on their profile to it allows people with similar music tastes to connect. 
video walkthrough
This video showcases how might a user navigate or interact with certain features.
*If you would like to explore the pages at your own pace here's the link to my final prototype.

✿ After logging in after a long time of inactivity, the user is greeted with new updates and features.
✿ On the homepage, it displays all the user's stages from favorites, recently visited, and recommended to allow for a short user passage to join their favorite stages. 
✿ Once in the stage, the user can queue songs, view the song that currently playing, and expresses their thoughts about the song through reactions or the chat function. 
✿ The user can also manage their playlists by creating new playlists, adding onto them, or syncing with their music platforms (ex: Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music).
✿ The community page allows users to create threads that ask for song recommendations and other users can respond by sharing snippets of songs from their playlists. 
✿ The profile page can showcase the user's favorite music, artists, stages, and recently played songs (which can be customizable according to how much information they would like to share).

For a self-guided tour, feel free to visit the Miro board with all my project research and development

Initial brainstorming and research
During this phase, I identified the problem statement and user goals through research. Brainstorm techniques like the Empathy Map and Affinity Map helped me understand the user more as well as developing features to include in the app. Through interviews and surveys, I collected data and feedback about my concept for an iterative process.
For the branding, I wanted to create an upbeat, inviting, and energetic personality for Melodi and looked to neon signage as my main source of visual inspiration.
Personas & USER FLOW
Site map & mvp Diagram
high fidelity wireframes
final prototype
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